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Spending Report – September ’13: Back to School

Ah the life of a teacher.  September was a sprint.  From teaching to coaching, from meetings to parent teacher conferences, from planning to grading.  So begin the 70-hour work weeks.  Of course, as hectic and exhausting as it is, I … Continue reading

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Spending Report – August ’13: Pumped Up Kicks

Blog Note: It looks like my new loan servicer is at it again. Even though I’m theoretically far ahead on my student loan repayment plan, auto-pay is going to deduct the specified amount monthly.  What that means is that I … Continue reading

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Progress Report: Fiscal July ’13 – The End of Summer

Day 119 – $13,109.24 Paid – $58,788.99 to Freedom Summer is over.  School and coaching is back.  I die just a little typing that.  However, my wallet is jumping for joy.  Even with pledging to myself to make July a … Continue reading

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