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Progress Report: November ’13

Day 216 | $16,087.54 paid | $55,988.04 to freedom Annual Milestone #1 met!  216 days ago I set the goal of paying down $5000 in principal of my student loans before the end of the year.  Now, one month before … Continue reading

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Spending Report – October ’13: Success and Failure

It was a strange month in spending.  For each success, there was a failure.  Luckily, the successes were more prevalent and I came in $83 under budget.  However, I made a bit of a mistake in setting my budget to … Continue reading

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2013 in Additional Income

Sure it might be a little early, but I can say with a little confidence that my full 2013 additional income is set.  The rundown… Additional Course Work: $1,500This year I am teaching an additional class.  Half of that income … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

I work at an independent school.  That means that my salary isn’t set at some schedule with publicly known increases according to experience, education, etc.  It also means that other financial stuff is a bit more negotiable.  I’m not talking … Continue reading

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