Spending Report – December ’13: Closing the Year in the Red

A little late on the spending report for Fiscal December – the return of school (and basketball) has meant the return of work days spanning anywhere between 10 hours if we just have practice to 16 hours if we have away games.  The good thing is, long hours mean less of a chance to blow money out of boredom.  The bad thing is I’m grabbing food on the go all to often.

Fiscal December finished in the red, mostly due to Christmas shopping.

spending-decemberI was able to keep Christmas shopping well under $200, which was big.  That allowed me to go over in a few areas without totally obliterating my budget.  Throw in a wedding gift and it is pretty remarkable my miscellaneous spending was as low as it was.

Groceries were remarkably low… Gotta love free food from relatives!  Throw in no work lunches and nearly hitting my take-out goal, and it was a great month from the nourishment perspective.

$50 in gas cards helped cover all the driving around during the holidays.

All together, it was a solid month.  If I can replicate that spending this upcoming month, while taking out the $200 in gifts, I should be able to hit my goal of cutting $100 out of my budget.  My main focus continues to be groceries and limiting take out.  I’ve made one trip to the grocery store already and avoided picking up and soft drinks which routinely add around $15 a month to the budget.  Cutting out diet coke, while a great move for my health, will also be great for my budget.

The other thing I’m thinking of doing is cancelling my iPhone insurance.  It’s $10 a month.  Of course, I’m scared that the second I cancel it my phone will leap from my hand and into a concrete wall at 120 miles per hour and shatter into a million pieces.  I’ve been burning that $10 a month for 7 months now.  That’s $70 that has gone pretty much nowhere.  But again, the minute I cancel it…

There it is, spending in Fiscal December.  Onto 2014!

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One Response to Spending Report – December ’13: Closing the Year in the Red

  1. jillian says:

    I highly suggest a lifeproof case. Best one time $89 you will ever spend plus it has its own insurance.

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