Friday OscarQuest #4

It was a crazy week, so OscarQuest is a little late.  With two snow days this week, I was able to get back into some classic movies… Until my DVR failed and I lost a good 4 movies I had saved on it!  And those snow days?  Well, when school got back going I paid for it!  A 14-hour work day on Thursday following by a 17-hour (!) work day on Friday… And that’s with no lesson planning or grading!  Gotta “love” basketball season, away games, and Friday night late games.

Just two movies this week:

Witness (1985)
Some say this is Harrison Ford’s best film and I was pretty impressed.  Surprised it took me this long to see it!  And it was a reminder for all that time I spent out in rural Maryland near Lancaster County with the high Amish population.

Love Affair (1939)
It pains me to admit, but I struggle watching most old films.  I got through Love Affair, though I wasn’t thrilled by it.  Not bad, but when you combine a genre I’m not thrilled about together with everything that is 1930’s filmmaking, and I just couldn’t get into it too much.  C’est la vie.


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