I Challenge YOU to Cut a Benjamin


Ok, personal finance peeps.  It’s a new year and we’re all looking for ways to have a great 2014.  A measly 8 months ago I thought I was living month-to-month, paycheck-to-paycheck.  Then I tracked my spending for a month and was astonished and disgusted.  I was wasting SOOOOOO much money.  Since, I’ve put a budget together and have been able to stick to it, give or take some unexpected expenses.  I went from paying $650 a month on student loans to $850.  Then, with an increase in income I went from $850 to $1,000.

When I sat down and looked out the projections for my student loan pay-out, I was dismayed.  I would come up waaaaay short if I stuck to $1k a month.  I needed to not only find extra income to make additional payments, but I needed to make more of a monthly commitment as well.  I decided to find a way to put another $100 a month towards my student loans.  I’m not sure if I can pull it off, but I thought I was living paycheck-to-paycheck twice already, so why not raise the bar again!

I welcome YOU to join me in my “Cut a Benjamin” challenge.  Cut $100 out of your monthly budget.  However you want to do it!  Get creative!  For me, it’s going to be focusing on maximizing my grocery/food money while being careful with unnecessary costs.  Here’s my plan!


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2 Responses to I Challenge YOU to Cut a Benjamin

  1. ncreadergirl says:

    Good Luck! Sounds like you’ve got a solid plan! Our budget is down to the bare minimum – we seriously can’t cut anymore – two kids eat a LOT LOL! And with the increasing cost of groceries our budget there (really the only place we could cut) is going up more and more as they get older and eat more.

  2. I feel ya… I think my budget is already pretty tight, but I’ve surprised myself before. I won’t be surprised in the least if I can’t pull it off, but hey it doesn’t hurt to try!

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