We Won the Lotto!!!

A whole $7!!!

Okay, sorry, I couldn’t help it.  I was talked into chipping into the office pool and we came out with $7.  Not exactly ten bucks well spent.

A guy in Canada won a much smaller, lotto jackpot and he’s giving it all – $40 million – to charity!  I wonder if he would be interested in donating to the Make-Me-A-Not-So-Frugal Teacher charity 🙂

Happy Lotto-Hangover Day!

PS: IF you won the lotto, where would you visit on your first vacation/travel expedition?

Machu Picchu has been atop my travel list for a while, but Thailand is up there was well.

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5 Responses to We Won the Lotto!!!

  1. ncreadergirl says:

    Japan and Ireland…those have been on my Bucket list of places to visit for years!

  2. tarasensei says:

    Paris! I used to live there, and I would love to do things up nice, staying at the Ritz, renting an apartment in le Marais…. The lotto fantasy is one I indulge in frequently. 🙂 I kind of wish I had an office pool, as an excuse to play. My frugal nature inhibits me otherwise.

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