Black Friday Swindles

I had every intention of letting Black Friday slip by, ignoring the extreme stupidity that comes with the idiots that don’t really understand value:

That 60″ TV you’re gettign for $200?  Yeah, it’s terrrrible quality.  Enjoy, though.

But, I made a bit of a plunge.  I took up some offers as Kohl’s.  Now, I don’t want this to be a Kohl’s commercial, but I feel I smartly took advantage of some of their deals.  Considering two of the items were things I’ve needed for a while now, I’m pretty happy beddingwith the money I spent.

7-Piece Bed Set – $50
This bed set isn’t the highest quality.  That I am well aware of and frankly don’t care if you think its crap 🙂  It gets the job done and is a serious upgrade over my old bedding situation.  I minimally needed a new comforter and now I have a full set.  The “retail” price was something like $150.  However, the “sale” price was normally $80, so even there I’m saving $30.  I’m cool with that.

Dress Shirt – $20
tieNothing special here.  I snagged a new white dress shirt in the size/fit/style I like.  Usually a $45 shirt and I got it for $20.  Even if the sale is usually around $35, still a nice deal.

Tie – $18
Ties are one of the few things that are not always on sale at Kohl’s.  Especially the nicer ones.  When I can snag a tie that would normally cost me $36 for just $18, I’m a happy camper.  And seriously, this is a slick tie.

Bath Towels – $12
A couple bath towels rounded out the Black Friday trip.

If your mathematical prowess doesn’t fail you, that adds up to exactly $100 – a mark I was careful to hit on the dot because Kohl’s was offering $15 in “Kohl’s Cash” for ever $50 spent.  Now, offers like this are made because many people fail to take advantage of them – here’s the key in my mind.  I have the exact purchase I need to make in mind for this $30:

pantsNew Pair of Khaki’s – $37 – $30 = $7
This is the big steal – a pair of new Docker’s for just $7.  Bam!  On sale for $37 and with those two $15 discounts, I’ll be able to snag a much needed new pair of work pants for less than the pizza I ordered last weekend.

In total, I spent about $110 for a new bed set (not the best quality, but still), a slick tie, a new dress shirt, a couple bath towels, and a new pair of Docker’s.  And I did it all without getting into a fight over an off-brand TV!

Anyone else brave the Black Friday stupidity?!

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One Response to Black Friday Swindles

  1. Unfortunately I was working the better part of the day, and by the time I got to browsing, everything was so picked over, it wasn’t worth it. But I love docker’s for my work pants, and I’ve never seen a deal as good as that one!

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