Spending Report – October ’13: Success and Failure

It was a strange month in spending.  For each success, there was a failure.  Luckily, the successes were more prevalent and I came in $83 under budget.  However, I made a bit of a mistake in setting my budget to begin with.  When I decided to add $150 in student loan payment per month, I somehow didn’t account for that in my budget when I copied September over to October.  Of course, I realized this on the last day of Fiscal October and couldn’t recover.  So that $83 under could also be looked at as $70 over.

Luckily, even though I went over what should have been my budget, I was still under my monthly income, which is what really matters!


My Epic Grocery Challenge ended up being a short term failure, however I think I’ll see some pretty good numbers in the next two months thanks to the stockpiling I was able to do.  For the upcoming month, I’ve lowered the goal down to $150 back to where it was at the start of this journey.  I’m really going to work on cutting out the unnecessary crap – soda being the main culprit.  I probably spend $15 a month on soda alone.

The other nourishment related categories came in under. It was a pretty good month there.

Gasoline came right at the goal. Gas prices are down and now that soccer has finished, my multiple commute days are limited greatly.  However, with the holidays approaching, so do come trips to family functions.  My gas goal is going to be tough to meet this month.

I was hoping to keep all my entertainment of the liquid variety last month.  However, I ended up dropping $60 on a football ticket.  Not the worst decision I’ve made!  I had hoped to really come in at $0 since this upcoming weekend it is off to Chicago for a bachelor party!  Speaking of…

I am budgeting $250 for a weekend of manly, drunken festivities in the Windy City.  I think this is doable – I am splitting travel costs with 3ish guys and should be able to keep those under $50.  That leaves $200 for the rest of the weekend.  It’ll probably be tight, but why set goals that are easy to hit?!  I’ll have a full (well, there might be 1 or 2 omissions) rundown of the Chicago Weekend in a post next week!

Holy Extra Income Batman!  I randomly received a $39 check from CapitalOne.  I don’t know why – it might be the result of me calling and complaining ad nauseum about my annual fee.  Even though I closed the account, they still felt obliged to reimburse the fee!  I win!  I beat the credit company!  We wrapped up our soccer season this week with a great banquet to honor the players.  The families were very gracious and gave me and the other coaches gift cards.  I won’t say the exact value here, but it was triple digits and totally surprised me.  What awesome people I work with – the money is nice and will help with Christmas gifts, but it’s more nice to know that all the extra hours put in by myself and the other coaches does not go unnoticed.

Speaking of Christmas, next month I’ll be getting my final coaching stipend to my salary.  This, the big one: $500.  Half of that will be going towards the aforementioned bachelor festivities.  The other half will likely go to a mechanic.  While that’s a little frustrating, it means I won’t have to dip into my savings account through the holidays which will be absolutely crucial in sticking to my paydown plan in 2014.

There’s spending in FM October!  Speaking of the paydown plan, a full update will come when the loan payments clear early next week.  I’ll be excited to be celebrating the accomplishment of the 2013 paydown goal!

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