I Have Seen Every Oscar Nominated Film Ever Made

Is something I’ll be able to say by next Christmas, if I can pull off my new and extreme goal in the realm of frugal entertainment. 🙂

1001Since college I have had an ambitious goal of watching every film in the 2005 edition of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.  After an initial charge at it in college, my pace of watching films featured in this tome has slowed dramatically.  That’s not to say I have watched fewer movies – just more recent movies.  In fact, if I were to go by the more recent versions of the book, I certainly would have seen a greater amount.  However, as it stands, I have seen exactly 200 of the films in the book.

Just one-fifth!  In about 6 years since I’ve started this quest, I’ve only hit the 20% mark.  Sigh.

I decided I needed a new game plan – one that would allow me to watch current films mixed in with older ones and stay energized (even though I’m a film buff, I do struggle a bit with older films).  Also, I decided to consolidate the goal.

I’ve set the goal of watching every film ever nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.  As of 2012’s nominees, there have been 503.  As of 11/9/13, I have seen 127 of them.  Now we’re talking a more doable goal.  “Just” 376 to go!

Just like my debt goal, if I’m going to be serious about this task, I need to set up some structure to this.  I have the films listed in an Excel file, which gives me a place to easily keep track.  I need a goal to hold myself accountable to…

1 movie per day.

What?!  That’s crazy.  Simply, not doable.  Right?  Well, yeah, probably not doable.  However, I was ambitious with my debt paydown goal, so why not be ambitious with this?!  I’m pretty aware I can’t watch a movie everyday, but who knows I might get closer than I expect.  To pull this off, I’ll take advantage of two major resources:

  • The local library, which has a great collection of films.  In fact, it was the library that got me going with this idea.  The library gets a large stock of popular new films when they come out.  After the initial rush, it’s easy to get, say, Silver Linings Playbook with little wait.  That’s how I was quickly able to check off nearly all of the Oscar noms since 2010.  I’ll be exhausting the library’s collection, though they’re a little short on the older films.
  • Turner Classic Movies will be crucial for films from the ’50s, ’40s, and ’30s.  Once a week I’ll scan through the TCM lineup to see what Oscar noms are being played and I’ll schedule the DVR.  For example, in the upcoming week, I have the following scheduled to record: Crossfire (1947), Love Affair (1939), Gigi (1958), Elmer Gantry (1960), 42nd Street (1933), Stage Door (1937), and The Goodbye Girl (1937).

There you have it.  Literally hundreds of hours of entertainment – for free!  (Well, I do pay for cable, but you get the idea).

And the movies I’ve seen so far…


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