2013 in Additional Income

Sure it might be a little early, but I can say with a little confidence that my full 2013 additional income is set.  The rundown…

Additional Course Work: $1,500This year I am teaching an additional class.  Half of that income will come in 2013, another half in 2014 as I asked it to be spread across the length of my ’13-14 contract.

Coaching Income: $1,500
What was only going to be $1,000 turned into a slick $1,500 after a “promotion” to a head coaching position at the JV level.  The added responsibility and planning (compared to assisting at the varsity level) came with a nice $500 bump.  When I call it nice, I really mean just that.  It certainly doesn’t come out to very much at the per hour rate, but it definitely helps!

Coursework/Development: $750
To plan two classes new to our school, I received a stipend worth $750.  Again, small beans compared to what it comes out to per hour, but as you can see it starts to add up!

Umpiring Softball: $1710
This was the big summer job.  Before taxes, I made out with $1700+ for a summer of umpiring adult slow-pitch softball.

2013 pre-tax total: $5,460

That’s bank.  Seriously.  Far, far more than I would have expected to be able to supplement my salary a year ago.  It has allowed me to take an awesome trip to Denver for one of my best friend’s wedding and it has allowed me to meet my 2013 debt-pay-down goal a month early.

The problem will be next year.  I’ll have the rest of the $1,500 for teaching that extra class, but I have decided to not teach an extra class next year.  My hand could get forced by this, but I don’t expect it to.  What has come out to about 2 extra hours of work per day simply has been a little too much for very welcome, but not monumental pay.  Perhaps in March I’ll decide that it is going much smoother and will agree to do it again, if asked.  The slight problem is since I asked for the money to be distributed monthly over the course of my contract, I’ve budgeted for it – come July ’14 it will be gone unless  a raise can take its place.

Problem two is umpiring.  Our league will not be happening next year – they are totally renovating the fields we use and the league has already been suspended for the 2014 year.  Another $1,500 in income is gone.  Next year, as of now, I am only looking at coaching income in addition to my salary.

However, those details will work themselves out next year.  This year was a wild success!  How was your 2013 of extra income?


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