Spending Report – September ’13: Back to School

Ah the life of a teacher.  September was a sprint.  From teaching to coaching, from meetings to parent teacher conferences, from planning to grading.  So begin the 70-hour work weeks.  Of course, as hectic and exhausting as it is, I love it… And speaking of coaching, there’s not much better than pulling out a last second victory on the soccer pitch on senior night.

Financially, it means I’ve been cooler than the other side of the pillow.  Between simply being too busy to spend money and gobbling up all kinds of free meals (meetings, conferences, post-game food, leftover food, it’s endless!), I really came in well this month.

spending-september$258 under budget!  Wow!  That’s by far the most I’ve come in under budget since the start of TeachingDownDebt.  Crazy awesome.  The $71.60 in extra income helped, but regardless, it’s a huge month, which was really needed.  Because of the aforementioned school craziness, I knew I would come in under, but I really wanted to push it as low as possible and I’m pretty happy with the result.  This should give me some wiggle room for some inevitable car troubles, the upcoming bachelor party and the wedding festivities to follow, and eventually Christmas gift shopping.  Fiscal October is another month that I can come in significantly under, so I’ll be shooting to match this great month.

Things of note:

After a summer of bar hopping, I’ve now had two months where my bar budget has been met.  Even more impressive, I didn’t dip into the entertainment fund at all, which is crucial for the aforementioned upcoming festivities.  Plus, this is all not to say that I sat around and did nothing this month.  In fact, even with busy weeks of teaching and coaching, I went out at least once every week – usually twice.  I think the long hours have led to shorter (and cheaper) outings, which is fine by me!

The work lunch allotment is deceptive; I just finished my $300 AT&T rewards card.  I probably had 4 or 5 meals on it, so I really didn’t do that well at bringing lunch to work.  I did have a really good grocery month, though.  A lot of this was a bunch of free meals and snacking on the go.

It looks like the gasoline bump was a good decision.  I came in right under the allotment and still have a quarter-gallon in the tank.  That includes three trips that I usually don’t plan on (two of which I was reimbursed for, so it works out to be a decent month).

Putting off purchases is getting tough, though.  I’d like to buy a new pair of  work slacks, but am avoiding it.  Hell, I’d like to buy a few new outfits.  But, if I can wait until Christmas, that might take care of itself.  It’s weird – I kind of need to buy some non-essentials, I’ve got room in the budget to do so, yet I am still putting it off.  I’m getting addicting to not spending money!!!  Which leads me to my question for the day…

If someone gave you a $100 bill right now and said you must spend it and couldn’t put it into any account, towards any bill or debt, you just had to spend it Brewster’s Millions style, what would you buy?

How about it?  What are you spending that Benjamin on?


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5 Responses to Spending Report – September ’13: Back to School

  1. It’s great that you are able to find ways to get free meals and lower that category in your budget. Those little amounts always count! And if the gift card was free money, you weren’t really expecting it, so it’s better to treat yourself that way, then blowing your budget.

    If I had a 100 bill, more likely than not, I’d try and buy myself a nice dinner with the bf, and maybe splurge on a nice wine for after work the rest of the week.

  2. lisavstheloans says:

    Being busy is a great way to avoid purchases.
    If I had $100, I’d buy myself a massage!

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