Quick Savings: Free Food and Free Money

Waiting for my loan payments to clear so I can write a full update, but in the meantime…

freemealcounterMORE FREE FOOD!!! In the past week I’ve nabbed seven free meals!  Chaperoning a class camping trip led to six free meals and last night I was able to snag dinner via post-game soccer wraps.  It’s crazy how quickly that can add up!  If you call it $2 a meal, that’s a quick $14 of savings.  However, that’s pretty lean; it’s certainly much closer to $20 of savings.  Awesome.  Who doesn’t love free food?!

Since the start of the school year, just 20 days ago, I’m sitting pretty at 11 free meals.  That’s more than one meal every other day!  Not bad at all.

I’m hedging my bets some more… and contributing to a Roth IRA!  Not only have I fully dove in, I’m already seeing some (small) results.  My original plan had me building my e-fund up to eventually $10,000 while paying down my debt.  However, I decided that three and a half years is too long to put all my eggs in the pay-down-debt basket.  Therefore, I’m taking the money I have left over every month in the budget and splitting it between e-fund and a Roth IRA (through Schwab).  Right now, that’s just $100 a month towards the IRA.  However, after the first month, I’ve already seen a 2% return!!!  That’s pretty damn exciting if you ask me.  I certainly won’t be making millions at this rate, however, it’s a start.  My e-fund is big enough that I can survive minor emergencies (car related), but certainly not a loss of income.  My job status is very stable, though, so I decided to pull back on the e-fund building and get just a little extra retirement savings going.


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3 Responses to Quick Savings: Free Food and Free Money

  1. Yea for free food! Nice work on the Roth. It’s a phenomenal program to build savings.

  2. lisavstheloans says:

    Free food is the best! I’d say $2/meal is very, very conservative, though.

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