Quick Savings: “Thanks for throwing away money!”

I ran into Meijer today to pick up some camping gear – I’m chaperoning our 10th grade class on a two-night camping trip.  Oh, boy.

Anyway, I hit the self-checkout and the person before left a huge string of coupons.  Not that uncommon, but I still find it surprising.

However, this time, there was a coupon for straight-up $3.50 off your entire purchase!  Not any specific item, just whatever your buying, take off $3.50.  Bam!

Why do people not take their coupons?!  You’re throwing away free money!  They’re literally handed to you and you ignore them because you don’t want the hassle of looking at them to decide which ones you may be able to use.  Apparently, that little bit of effort isn’t even worth 3 bucks!  But hey, I’m not really complaining.  Keep leaving your coupons; I’ll be glad to take them off your hands.

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