Buying School Supplies

Happy New Year!  Today’s the first day of school – my 22nd first day of school to be exact.  Even though we’re nearly 3 weeks into the soccer season, it really doesn’t feel like work has started back up until that official first day of school.

This year was my most expensive year in preparing for school.  Now, let me throw out a disclaimer.  I definitely don’t spend a ton of money compared to most teachers.  My school is good about supplying basic materials and since I’m a high school teacher, I don’t bail out my kids and buy stuff for them to use.  Really, all I spend money on is personal supplies and classroom decor, the latter of which I try to get as freely as I can.  Here’s this year’s rundown:G2ZOOM

  1. $20 – Laminating two newspaper front pages as room decoration
  2. $45 – G2 pens. 39 of them.
  3. $10 – A new, tiny 16GB flash drive.
  4. $7  – Printing off a poster.
  5. $3 – One of those mulit-pocket-file folder thingys.

I think that’s it.  Most of this I swung by cashing in my SwagBucks.  $85, mostly on writing utensils.  You might think this is crazy, but A) G2 pens are boss and B) they are expensive as all hell.  Like, over $1.50 a pop if you don’t buy them in bulk.  I fully hope they last the entire year, but I have a tendency to lose pens.  This year it’s my New Year’s Resolution to use all those bad boys until they die.

I still have a couple purchases to make, unfortunately.  I have another poster I need to get printed and laminated, so I’m looking at another $15 to my start of the year costs.  That’s a cool benjamin on making my class pretty (well, I’m more of a funny poster guy than an inspirational/beautiful poster guy) and pens.

But like I said, some teachers drop waaaaayy more than me, to say the least.  Any other teachers out there dropping mad dough on back to school supplies?!


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