Spending Update: I Love Me Some FRREEEEEE FOOD!

School is back!  Well, at least for us teachers here in Michigan.  The students first day is not until after Labor Day, but the faculty have been hard at work preparing to welcome those cheery, pimply faces.

freemealcounterThe one thing I love about faculty meetings is… FREE FOOD!  In fact, I decided to create a counter for all the amazingly free food I get at my job!  Snazzy, right?  In the first weekish of the return of everyday work, I’ve snagged six free meals!  The first was free subs after our soccer team scrimmaged the alumni.  Free subs are the tastiest subs, but especially free Jimmy John’s subs (I’m addicted to Jimmy Johns and plan many days around when I’m going to get a sandwich.  In fact, I’m going to get one right now.  Hold on.  Okay, I’m back.  This Slim 5 is delicious).  The athletic department also put on a dinner for coaches and captains and their parents last week.  Awesome!  Throw in two free continental breakfasts and two free lunches during faculty meetings and the savings start to add up!  I wonder how many free meals I can snag by the end of the school year.  This will be fun to keep track of.

I’m halfway through Fiscal August and finally, for the first time all summer, my spending is in line.  I’m projected to be in the black – and not several hundred dollars over.  It’s funny what having to be at two soccer practices and a ton of meetings can do to your spending habits.

spending-mid-augustThe last two weeks we have had two-a-day practices, which meant two commutes.  I’m really, really not used to spending this much in gasoline.  The good news is I just put $20 in.  The bad news is, I’ll probably have to do it again and bust my goal.  My shoulder is starting to heal, so hopefully I can get back on my bike a bit.  However, in January when that’s not an option, I’ll be looking at $100 gasoline months… ouch.

Groceries!  Those 6 free meals have made a big difference!  Though I probably need to pick up some things today or tomorrow, it’s nice to see groceries coming in under budget for once.

Even my entertainment/going out budget is looking good.  Work has picked up, which means there are no Wednesday night benders.  Probably a good thing. The $90 football ticket I was going to buy next week will only cost $75, so there’s a chance I come in under budget in those categories this month.  That would be a great feat to finish out summer.

Clothes are an issue… I’ve been waiting for my $300 Visa card from AT&T for over two months now.  I finally called them last week saying “Where’s my money?” and they said they’d have to re-send the card.  I was planning on getting much needed new tennis shoes and a couple pairs of slacks with that money.  Since school starts soon, I probably won’t wait for it and just move money around as needed.  Lame, AT&T, lame.  I still love you though.

How’s spending going on for everyone else???

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2 Responses to Spending Update: I Love Me Some FRREEEEEE FOOD!

  1. ncreadergirl says:

    Sounds like your right on track with where you want to be! That is good! And Free Food is always somehow tastier than when you pay for it!
    Our Spending is slowing, we’ve had some unexpected expenses arise concerning getting ready for school for the kiddos, but we’ve also had some additional surprises coming in! So can’t complain!

  2. My husband has a PhD in locating free food at work 😉
    I used to work in college admissions, and when we would have Open Houses, we had a family who came to every open house… for the appetizers and fancy eats. Now that I’ve crossed over to the frugal side, I give them a silent nod of respect!

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