Thing I Would Do: Go Back to Work After Winning the Lotto

A post over at Frugal Rules prompted me to answer the following question:

Would you return to work after winning the lotto?

work sucksThe hypothetical is winning a $10M lotto.  Now, that’s a TON of money – more than I’ll ever see in my lifetime.  However, $10M can go pretty fast.  You laugh, but think about it:

Half is gone to taxes.  You spend another $1M on a house and earmark another $1M for kids’ college educations.  Suddenly, you’re left with just a couple million.  First world problems for sure, but it isn’t like you’re going to be buying a Caribbean Island.

However, even winning something astronomical – like $100M+ – doesn’t change the equation for me.  I’m still going to work.  Why wouldn’t I?!  I absolutely love my job.  I get bored by the end of summer and cannot wait to get back in the classroom.  Even if I do win all that money and donate to all the places I want to donate and still have millions left over, I’d be back to work the next week.  Sure, I’d buy a house, and yes I would buy a brand new car.  I’d pick up a lot more tabs and be less frugal socially.  I would be investing most of the money and traveling with the rest.  And I would travel now, and travel often.  After all that, I’d probably endow a bunch of scholarships for low-income students and really keep only enough to set up my immediate family with a financially secure future.

How about you?  Quitting?  Staying on?

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