MAGIC?! $370.39 disappeared from my debt balance!

Day 122 | $13,656.98 paid | $58418.60 to freedom

Of course, there’s no magic.  The wonderful new servicer of my federal student loans applied an auto-payment when I did not expect one to occur.  I think this has happened every time I have had to switch servicers.

The good news: Obviously, I’m $370 closer to financial freedom.

The bad news: I didn’t budget for the now $1271.64 I just paid towards my student loans.

However, I kind of have.  I was planning on putting my summer curriculum money towards the loan and that should hit me at my next paycheck, so everything should work out.  Still, yet another example of the government making things difficult! 🙂

Also, now that may servicer has processed my payments and apparently all my other in-excess-of-the-minimum payments over the last four months, this is what appears on the website:

mohela-dumbThat’s pretty cool to see.  This is such a marathon that it seems like I’m getting nowhere at times.  However, I’ve also created 4-months of emergency cushion if, for some reason, I couldn’t pay my student loans.  Of course, as I continue to pay off in my accelerated fashion, that date will keep getting bumped back.

A little unexpected, but overall not the worst way to start the day!

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