Progress Report: Fiscal July ’13 – The End of Summer

Day 119 – $13,109.24 Paid – $58,788.99 to Freedom

Summer is over.  School and coaching is back.  I die just a little typing that.  However, my wallet is jumping for joy.  Even with pledging to myself to make July a re-boot after dropping a G on my vacation, I spent a bit too much.  A birthday outing here, a going away gathering there and suddenly my entertainment/going out budget is obliterated.

spending-julyPerhaps the craziest thing was my grocery spending.  This was the most I’ve spent on groceries in a long time.  It was also the most I’ve been at home during a one-month period in a long time, so it makes sense.  Conclusion: Holy smokes groceries are expensive and I eat too much when I’m at home a lot.  Corrective Action: Stay away from home and don’t eat food.

But now, summer is over.  I am a good week into soccer season and, despite a little rockiness here and there, it has been a blast.  The kids are awesome and I am really looking forward to spending the next two months working with them and working toward a successful season.

With the return of full-time work (and not just a few hours a day whenever I want while watching Sportscenter), comes a change in my spending.  Certainly, I won’t be hitting the bar on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as much as I have been, but it also means I’ll be driving more.  Here’s my goals for Fiscal August.

Going Out: $100.  Previously spent: $232.64
Obviously, this is a major goal.  I’ve already spent $26 this weekend on going out/entertainment.  Next weekend it looks like there will be a bit of a “welcome back” bar outing for some colleagues and I, so this could quickly become a tough goal to keep.  However, with the end of summer, I am really going to refocus here.  No more late night munchies, no rounds of shots, no extra beers when they’re not needed.

Take Out Food: $70.  Previously spent: $88.97
This goal is certainly manageable.  Though, since I’m back at school every day, there’s a big temptation to grab lunch on the go.  I’ll have to make a major effort to bringing a lunch when I know I’ll be at work for most of the day.  Good prep for when the school year gets going, I guess.

Entertainment: $100.  Previously spent: $147.42
Usually, I’m pretty good in this category.  However, this upcoming month will be a challenge.  I might have a chance to purchase a ticket for a big football game in early September.  At a price of $90 it is going to be a steal compared to the market value, but it also will make my budget pretty tight.

Gasoline: $85.  Previously spent: $70.02
Right now, we are in the midst of two-a-day practices.  That means two commutes to work.  My plan, originally, was to drive to work for morning practice and then bike to work for the afternoon practice.  Unfortunately, I nearly separated my shoulder playing softball, so biking has become difficult.  I’m hoping this week to give it a shot, but we’ll see.  Now that I live almost 7 miles from work – 7 city miles – I’m burning gas much faster than I am used to.  I put $20 in the tank last week and have already nearly burned it all.  I am not at all used to driving this much and it certainly makes me feel the pain of real commuters. Hoping to keep it under $85 this month, which should be possible if I can get back on my bike for a few trips.

Of course, spending is only half the battle.

I have about $800 still coming in for umpiring softball this summer.  Take out $200 for a couple dentist appointments and that’s a $600 chunk I’ll be able to throw at my student loans.  Plus, I’ll have another $600 coming for the curriculum development I have been working on this summer.  Hopefully in my September update I’ll be jumping up and down after taking a huge twelve-hundred dollar chunk out of the principal!

Want some budget-friendly, hilarious entertainment?  Well, at $25 I guess it is a bit of an investment.  Buy Crimes Against Humanity.  Or ask for it for your birthday.  It is basically the adult version of apples to apples.  And by “adult” I mean “absolutely immature, indecent, inappropriate and incredibly hilarious.”

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  1. Dave Ramsey’s website currently has a student loan debt payoff giveaway!

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