Quick Savings: Mail-In Rebates!

rebateMail-in rebates are like having a crush on one of your friends.  You lay a little groundwork and then you wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And a long time down the road, it pays off (or doesn’t).

When doesn’t a mail-in rebate payoff?  When you almost throw it away!  I had this most recent mail-in rebate hovering above the trash before I decided to open it.  Those tricky devils made the envelope look just like the millions of “pre-approved offers” I am always getting the mail.

Luckily, I opened it and was pleasantly surprised to find that $6 VISA card with my name on it.  Huzzah!  I love me some mail-in rebates because they are usually a much bigger savings than your normal coupon.  To receive this $6 rebate, I needed to purchase:

  • A 12-pack of Budweiser product
  • Two Johnsonville bratwurst packs

These were things I was going to buy anyway!  And I get $6 back!  America!

What are some awesome rebates you’ve taken advantage of in the past?

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6 Responses to Quick Savings: Mail-In Rebates!

  1. I am always afraid to do rebates because I am worried that I will forget about them. But the “back to school” season is filled with rebates for great stuff – especially at Staples. I might have to get over my fear.

  2. That’s always my biggest thing – remembering to actually send in the rebate!

  3. Sweta says:

    Have you heard of ebates? It’s an online rebates portal, whenever I buy anything online I stop there to see if the store is there. If they are I click the link and get about 3% cash back. Once your rebate amount is over $5, they send you a check. It’s great because you don’t have to worry about mailing anything. In case you are interested: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=39fpEfPIObkpwMvliIZfYQ%3D%3D

    • Hi Sweta!

      I think I have heard of ebates, but have not used them. I very rarely buy anything online except for the occasional used book. However, I’m never one for ignoring resourced that are out there! Thanks!

      • Sweta says:

        Another website you might be interested in is Swagbucks.com. Basically it’s a site where you earn points by doing things like searching similar to how you google something. I just earned 14 points by searching for “teaching down debt.” It takes a while to accumulate enough points to be lucrative though. For example, 450 points is a $5 Amazon giftcard which probably doesn’t help your cause much but 2500 Swagbucks is a $25 paypal giftcard which you can then transfer to your bank account: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/atxgirl623 if you’re interested.

  4. Hi again Sweta! Funny, I actually have a post coming out shortly on Swagbucks!

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