FPOTW: “F*cking Loser At Movie All By Himself”

Ok, I couldn’t resist.  The Onion yesterday posted an article about those losers that go to the movies by themselves, and I planned to write a post about hitting up the mid-week matinees with the old people.  Soooo…. yeah…. 🙂

Fact is, as a teacher in the middle of summer, you can really take advantage of some killer deals at the movie theater.  I don’t think I would ever go to the movies alone on a Friday night, but Wednesday morning when the tickets are $4.00?  Why not?  What would I be doing otherwise?  Probably watching Sportscenter for the second time that morning while contemplating when to get to the pool.

Actually, today was the first time I hit the movie theater all summer. I’ve been busy and nothing has been that “must-see” in my book.  Last summer, however, I probably hit up 5 or 6 mid-week matinees.  Truth is, a lot of people hit up the movies by themselves – there really is something relaxing about escaping reality and just taking a movie in without having the distraction of wanting to joke with your buddies about what’s on screen or when to pull the old “arm around the date” move.  Plus, it’s tough to beat $4 for a ticket.

I’m a HUGE movie guy, so when I go see a movie I usually take in the whole experience.  In other words, I’m a sucker for $5 bags of popcorn.  When you add everything up, going to the movies easily can run $20+ and that’s if you’re only covering one ticket, so it’s nice to drop in for $4.  And if I still want a drink or popcorn I can keep the cost right around $10.  Not too bad.

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3 Responses to FPOTW: “F*cking Loser At Movie All By Himself”

  1. Steve says:

    Cheap Tuesdays are the only times I ever go to the movies!

  2. Nah. It’s okay to go to the movies yourself! 🙂

  3. Debt Free 32 says:

    I rarely the theater. I should take advantage of matinees though. Get the movie experience but not the huge financial impact. In Dallas we have theaters with bars and dinner. Very easy to spend 60-70 for two people depending on what you get. The experience is better than the cheap places. Balance I guess… 🙂

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