Spending Update: No Spend Weekend!

So much for reeling in the spending…

spending-mid-julyAll things considered, I’m not too upset or worried.  Here’s all the things:

  • Yeah, I went out a lot.  Not usual.
  • A few friends are heading away for the summer/a few weeks, so there were more outings than normal.
  • I made up for a chunk of it with a “No Spend Weekend”
  • I haven’t drove my car in days and should come far below my gas budget.
  • The Miscellaneous budget is sitting pretty.

It was kind of easy since most friends were out of town, but still I avoided any spending with a small exception:

I met a friend who happened to be in town for lunch.  I had already ate but got some desert for $4.50.  I guess you could count this as weekend spending, but I really don’t quite consider it the weekend until after work hours on Friday, so there’s my accounting.

Friday night we had a late kickball doubleheader that didn’t finish until about 10:30 at night.  I had anticipated a couple drinks, but everyone was kind of tired after two “exhilirating” games of kickball.  That was the trigger for my decision to spend nothing this weekend.


I. Cannot. Wait. For August 11.

Saturday was the day that I had to turn down being social.  Given that I had gone out Tuesday through Thursday of the week prior, I decided “all bad things must come to an end”, even though I was tempted: Three times a year there is a club in Ann Arbor that opens up their park to the public and creates a mini-Ocktoberfest.  It’s always the last Saturday in June, July, and August.  I’ve never been, but turned down the chance to go this weekend.  Perhaps in August?

Instead, the day was filled with dog-walking, a bike ride, and going on a Breaking Bad binge as the rain and storms rolled through.  I also caught up on a bunch of housework that was long overdue.  For some reason, I feel getting housework done puts a major damper on any FOMO.

I love lazy Sundays in Summer.  A run, a dog walk, a bike ride, hitting up the pool, watching baseball – suddenly it is 8pm and you don’t know what happened.  That was pretty much my Sunday.

I probably would have spent a few dollars vacuuming my car since it is long overdue, however the beauty of life as a teacher in the summer: I can do it tomorrow, whenever I feel like it.

There you have it, a no-spend weekend.  However, by already surpassing my “going out” allotment, I’m currently on-pace to be a little over budget.  I’ve got a little work to do on that bottom line, but I should be able to right the ship quickly.  If I can stay in the black this month, it will mean that free $300 I should be getting shortly will be able to head straight towards my student loans!

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