Welcome! Stick Around, Have a Beer!

Sorry, no beer.  Hopefully I didn’t get your hopes up too much – it probably would have been a watery PBR anyway.

Today I had a guest post on Budgets Are Sexy as part of J-Money’s side hustle series.  I suspect you know this because that’s why you are here!  Here’s a long-story short of what my blog is:

I’m a 26-year old teacher that is trying to pay off $72k of student loans by January 19, 2017.  I started this blog to really motivate me to develop a plan and stick to it.  Since I started blogging this spring, I have met or exceeded every loan pay-off goal!

I'm awesomeSo, I hope you enjoyed my description of life as a babysitter of immature grown men adult softball umpire.  And I hope you stick around and follow me on my journey to be debt free by age 30, because I am pretty awesome, after all.

I’ll encourage you to check out my initial challenge post and maybe peruse a little bit more.  And drop in a comment to say hello – especially if you have a blog I should be reading!  I love me some personal finance blogs and am becoming quite obsessed!

Once again, thanks for dropping in and being a part of this journey!

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7 Responses to Welcome! Stick Around, Have a Beer!

  1. Hey Tom – Great article over at Budgetsaresexy.com. I am glad to hear you have a debt elimination goal. You probably could pay that off a year or two earlier than your current plan. At least you have a plan. Stick with it, you will be glad you did. Looking forward to tracking your progress and checking out your blog.

    • A year or two early would be pretty great… I’ve run quite a few numbers and with my current income I have little wiggle-room at my current state. I could get a dumb phone, drop cable, drop the Internet, move to a cheaper area further from school, friends, etc. It’s all possible. However, I don’t think I would be happy with that decision for the sake of 1 year. However, I’m all about shaving however much time off of this 3.5 years that I can and certainly will be trying!

      • And I probably should also add that I have decided to start up a Roth IRA (blog post forthcoming). I won’t be putting a ton into it, but it also will slightly limit how much I am able to throw at my loans, but in a good way at least!

  2. Bo says:

    Hi Tom, Nice work on your Budgets Are Sexy article. Looking forward to following your progress, but I must admit that the two spelling errors on your progress tracker are very distracting.

    • Holy smokes, you’re right! I’d been having weird issues with text in Photoshop, so I’ll blame the oversight on that 😉 I’d like to think (hope?) the previous versions were correct and this was a rushed typo.

      Luckily my most recent payment should process today or tomorrow so I’ll have an update shortly. Thanks for bringing it to me attention!

  3. Amanda says:

    It was great reading your post on budgetsaresexy! Not everyone can deal with criticism well, but having to get yelled at all the time?! But will be looking forward to hearing about your progress in paying off your debt!

  4. Yeah dude! Thanks again for posting and taking the time to hang out on our site this week – was a great read! And I’ll still take that watery PBR anytime btw – I don’t discriminate 🙂

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