Progress Report: Fiscal June ’13 – Yeah, That Happened

Yeesh.  The bottom line: -$520.97.  I’m calling July a re-boot.


June turned into the perfect storm.

1. Vacation to Denver
I’ve already run that down, but of the $1,200+ I spent on the trip, $780.01 was spent in June.  That was quite the grenade to the June budget.  I basically paid for it with $125 of credit card cash rewards and my summer income from umpiring adult slow-pitch softball.

Little things caught me off guard – $67 to alter my suit?!  Ugh.  Another $80 on a new pair of shoes too.  I also forgot to factor in a wedding gift.

2. Moving
Moving turned out to be more expensive than I had anticipated.  The $40 to rent a U-Haul was annoying since I had the thing for only an hour.  I spent more on gas that I had in a long while thanks to driving back and forth through the city several times a day.  Thus, the gasoline bill came in nearly $25 high.

3. Entertainment
I completely obliterated my entertainment/eating out budget this month, which was the first time I’ve done so since I started this quest.  Sigh.  Summer as a teacher.  With end of the year celebrations and goodbyes behind me, I’m hoping things are back to normal for July.

4. Phone Replacement
My phone died. Literally, down for the count was done. And this happened the night before I left for Denver, meaning I ended up shelling out just over $200, accounting for the huge uptick in my “Miscellaneous” spending.

So, I dipped into the e-fund.  I haven’t talked much about how big my e-fund is, but suffice it to say, it is not huge.  However, it now appears I have all my major summer expenses behind me and I should be able to replenish it pretty quickly.  I received a security deposit back that I had budgeted as totally gone.  Bam!  $370 back into the e-fund.  The remainder of my summer income will be hitting the e-fund as well.  Throw in the $160 I have coming in from my CapitalOne rewards as well as a $300 VISA card from AT&T (for keeping U-Verse through a move) and things are looking pretty good for the remainder of summer!

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3 Responses to Progress Report: Fiscal June ’13 – Yeah, That Happened

  1. Carly says:

    Hi! I’m also a teacher in the process of paying down a bunch of debt! Looks like we had very similar Junes… right down to the broken cell phone. Grrrr. I’m visiting family for a few weeks now, but am almost dreading getting back home to NYC because I know there will be so many temptations. Sooooo hard when you have a summer off! Good luck this summer! You’re doing great!

  2. Kayla says:

    I feel ya in the moving thing .. you anticipate extrra expenses, but you always seem to forget something. I saved $600 for a vacation, and it’s all gone now (2 weeks before I leave) just on things like deposit, app fee, renter’s insurance, pet deposit, pet fee, etc. Ugh. It’s my goal to get a bigger emergency fund for just such items then, lucky for you you had one!

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