I’m Becoming Obsessed

[I’m in Denver!!!  Peace out suckas!  I’ll be back next week.  In the meantime, I hope all you hypothetical readers enjoy what I’m reading and suggest some others to me!]

… with personal finance blogs.  Like, I’m avoiding finishing my grading (and unpacking my new apartment) by reading personal finance blog posts or writing my own personal finance blog post about being obsessed about personal finance blogs.  I love them.  Here’s what’s in my Feedly queue.

Some big ones and some smaller, more personal blogs.  I’d love to discover some new blogs, especially some others that are in their infancy or are focused on personal debt reduction (student loans or otherwise).  Any suggestions?  Recommendations?  You got a blog I should be reading? (If you do, then hell yeah I should be reading it!).  Let me know!

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5 Responses to I’m Becoming Obsessed

  1. G$ says:

    I, too, love personal finance blogs, but do not blog myself. One of my favorites that you didn’t mention is Evolving PF. Check it out!

  2. pgallagher6 says:

    Dude, you’re awesome.
    The big obvious one that you’re missing is mrmoneymustache.com. He’s pretty cocky, but he’s got some great stuff. I’d start with the archives because it seems like he’s playing more defense than offense these days, but still great.

    Keep on rockin’ in a free world.

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  4. Two more you may want to check out are financialsamurai.com and freemoneyminute.com. I love personal finance blogs also, I just can’t seem to find enough time to spend reading and contributing to them.

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