Progress Report Mid-June 13: Way Over Budget

Yikes. Summer has come and I said “Yeah Summer let’s go to the bar!” and Summer and I went to the bar for like 38 straight days.

Or something like that.

spending_mid_juneThe Good
I paid an extra $212.50 towards my student loans.  I did this by deciding that this month I was going to have to dip into my additional income fund, which I had hoped to save through the end of the summer.  That’s ok.  That money was going to be used to make a one-time payment on my student loans in September when I had all my summer income saved up (~$2,200).  That was a best case scenario that knew would be difficult because of my vacation to Denver.  Moving and the beginning of the summer have been a little more difficult on my wallet than I had hoped, but somewhat expected.  The good news is that my summer income is going to be significantly higher than I originally expected, so this shouldn’t have a major effect on my plans.

The Bad
I had to spend over $60 to get a suit altered for the wedding I am in this weekend.  Total bummer and totally unexpected.  That’s the big jump in the Miscellaneous category. Also, I decided to buy new shoes and a new belt to go with the suit, thus the clothing category taking a hit for the first time since I started blogging.  I might, might return the shoes after the wedding.  I somewhat need new shoes, but I can get away with wearing my old ones to pretty much anything that isn’t a wedding, so I’m not the biggest fan of buying these shoes for a couple occasions. However, returning them is unlikely.

The Ugly
barkley turribleI’ve already exceeded my “going out” budget halfway through the month.  Terrible.  I don’t regret it, though (except maybe trying to be a little cheaper).  As the summer goes on, friends will be less available and more busy so I am happy that I have been able to hang out with a bunch of friends before we all get too busy. Certainly, I wish I found my frugal ways to do this.  However, all told, I probably went out around 7 times in the last two-ish weeks, and $150 for 7 nights out isn’t really that bad.  I probably could have done with a couple shorter outings though.  The real ugly thing is what will these numbers look like by the end of the month.  I will be getting $40 back from a friend for a baseball ticket I purchased, but outside of that, I’m really going to have to work to keep down the extent to which I exceed the entertainment/going out portion of the budget.

$358 Budget for Denver?!
Hmmm… isn’t that a weird number?  I’ve got a post, that I’m really excited about, in the works for tomorrow about that.

Nobody’s perfect.  How do you react and what steps do you take when you fail to meet your budget?

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