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FPOTW: “F*cking Loser At Movie All By Himself”

Ok, I couldn’t resist.  The Onion yesterday posted an article about those losers that go to the movies by themselves, and I planned to write a post about hitting up the mid-week matinees with the old people.  Soooo…. yeah…. 🙂 … Continue reading

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Spending Update: No Spend Weekend!

So much for reeling in the spending… All things considered, I’m not too upset or worried.  Here’s all the things: Yeah, I went out a lot.  Not usual. A few friends are heading away for the summer/a few weeks, so … Continue reading

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3 Months In: An Update and Evil, Evil Interest

Day 90 | $12,700.17 paid | $59,375.41 to freedom Usually, this mini-update is included in my normal progress report.  However, I wanted to get my last progress report out before my loan payment went through. Here’s the thing: I’ve knocked … Continue reading

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Welcome! Stick Around, Have a Beer!

Sorry, no beer.  Hopefully I didn’t get your hopes up too much – it probably would have been a watery PBR anyway. Today I had a guest post on Budgets Are Sexy as part of J-Money’s side hustle series.  I … Continue reading

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Progress Report: Fiscal June ’13 – Yeah, That Happened

Yeesh.  The bottom line: -$520.97.  I’m calling July a re-boot. June turned into the perfect storm. 1. Vacation to Denver I’ve already run that down, but of the $1,200+ I spent on the trip, $780.01 was spent in June.  That … Continue reading

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Summer Vacaction: $1220.51 Well Spent

Although, I still cannot fathom spending $1200 in a 5-day period.  This was the first time that I had an “adult” vacation.  I have taken two trips to Europe and several short, 3-5 day trips to visit friends.  However, this … Continue reading

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