FPOTW: The Library Card

I love movies.  Love.  I minored in film studies.  I think I asked for a DVD player for Christmas when I was 15.  I (now regrettably) have about 100 DVDs sitting in boxes in a closet.


How my ways have changed though.  I few years ago I got a library card.  Best decision ever.  Ann Arbor’s public library has a full (and I mean full) selection of movies, TV shows, etc, etc.  Last month I borrowed the French film Cache’.  Ever heard of it?  You should watch it.

This week I stopped by on a whim and saw that copies of Looper were available.  Sweet.  I had seen it in theaters, but it’s definitely one of those movies you want to see twice and one of those movies you’d actually like to see the special features for.  The old me might have bought the DVD.  The new me borrowed it from the library for free.  That’s the beauty of it.  Free.  I can watch as many movies as I want, from all over the world, for free.  Of course, there’s some movies that aren’t always easily available. Then, I just put them on hold and wait, maybe grab another movie in the mean time.

This summer I decided I want to watch The Sopranos.  I’ve never seen an episode, but yesterday I put a reserve on Season 1 Disc 1 and will soon be watching the series for free.

Let’s say you go to a Red Box once a week.  That’s about $1.59 a week.  Or a little more than $6 a month.  Minimum.  Probably more like $8 if you rent an extra movie.  I can borrow movies for free at the Library.  And as many as I want.  So, when I also borrow The Dictator and stop watching halfway through because it is complete garbage, then I don’t feel as I have wasted any money – because I haven’t (my time, on the other hand…).

I think my library card is maybe the best investment I’ve ever made.

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