I’m Rich!

Credit: skreened.com

Credit: skreened.com

I swear, excluding Christmas and my birthday, I never receive gifts.  For the second straight month, however, I’ve received a $50 gift card.  Boo. Yah.

I guess you could call it a fringe benefit of teaching.  If you’re super lucky, you get a nice thank you card from some students at Christmas or the end of the year.  If you’re really, really lucky, you get some small gifts.  If you’re super-spectaculucky you get awesome, funny and, in rare circumstances, valuable gifts.

  • Christmas #1: Basketball shoes from one of my players/students.
  • End-of-Year #1: Korean Liquor (Yes, I was gifted a bottle of booze from a student; legal in Korea for the 19-year old kid to send to me.  Too funny.)
  • End-of-Year #1: Chinese Tea
  • End-of-Year #1: $25 iTunes card
  • Christmas #2: Liquor-filled chocolates from Sweden (anonymously left at my desk.  Also, funny.)
  • End-of-Year #2: $50 gift card to REI

Like, whoa.  $50 at REI.  Awesome.  $50 can go fast at REI, but I’m excited to go buy something I definitely would not have otherwise.  My new apartment has a small patio, so I’m thinking of buying some new, nicer folding chairs and one of those camp folding tables.  Nothing special, but it would be nice to have something to put on the patio that I can easily sneak back into my apartment for safe keeping.

I also could look at some biking shoes and pedals since I am finally getting a little serious about biking, though that’s a little pricier.

Decisions, decisions.

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