Bachelor Weekend: Under Budget!

I thought my $125 budget for my friend’s Bachelor Weekend was simply ludicrous and thought I would easily surpass it. However, at the end of the day, I came in at $122.51 for the two days.  Certainly that’s a lot of money to spend on two days of drinks, food and entertainment, however it was under my budget and probably much less than what many people spend on a big weekend.  Let’s run it down.

Expenses – Friday
Friday turned out to be a little more expensive than I anticipated.

  • $10 for a beer and split appetizer at stop #1
  • $30 for a half-gallon of sangria for the group at stop #2 (The drink God’s deemed it was time to repay the free sangria I got a few months ago)
  • $21 for dinner and drinks at stop #3
  • $4 for a final drink to finish the night at stop #4

Expenses – Saturday
Saturday’s main event was a trip to Detroit to take in the Tigers/Indians baseball game before heading back to Ann Arbor for round 2.

  • $17 for a drink and burger at Detroit Beer Co.
  • $1 for a drink at Buffalo Wild Wings!
  • $0 spent at the game
  • $17 for a drink and some pizza at Pizza House
  • $5 at stop #1
  • $5 at stop #2
  • $10 at stop #3
  • $2.50 at our final location

Where I Saved
The big day of savings was Saturday.  First, I drove a car into Detroit, though what normally would have been a $15 gasoline trip was kept off the books thanks to a gas card from Dad over Memorial Day weekend.  We got into Detroit several hours before the game and I was able to find a free street parking spot just a couple blocks from the stadium, saving up to $15.

Next, we were given a free round of drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings because they forgot our order for a good 10-15 minutes.  We still left a big tip, though only $1 of which was me (thanks guys).  At the game, I didn’t buy any food or drinks – a huge savings.  What can easily turn into a $30 expense was kept at zero by taking advantage of the Tiger’s offer of a free medium pop to pledge to be a designated driver.

Back in Ann Arbor we were all exhausted from the previous night and a day in the sun at the ball game.  While we made the rounds and hit a bunch of places, our night our was relatively tame.

The only outstanding expense is the cost of the baseball ticket.  The best man sneakily bought the tickets and tried his best to refuse money for them.  A couple of us got him money for the tickets or picked up his tab at places, however I forgot before everyone parted ways.  I’ll be sure to pick up his dinner one night when we all reconvene for the wedding.  So, theoretically, I came in $20 more than what is listed above.  However, since I’m really looking at this as Fiscal May expenses, I’ll just have to budget in another $20 for Fiscal June and cross that bridge when I get there.

Onto the next big summer expense: Moving.

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