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Credit Card Dilemma

I have two credit cards: A Chase Freedom (1% cash back plus quarterly 5% bonus categories) and a CapitalOne Rewards (1% cash back with 50% bonus on rewards at the end of the year).  The latter has a $39 annual … Continue reading

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Under 60k suckas!!!!

Baby steps, but man that feels good.  Progress slowly but surely.  I made the switch to weekly loan payoffs (letting compound interest work in my favor) this week which means I didn’t have to wait long to see the balance … Continue reading

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Rationalizing My $200 Increase In Rent

Did I say rationalizing?!  I meant justifying!!!  I don’t need to rationalize anything!!! When I signed the lease I was pretty miserable for a good half of the day.  The fact that I was increasing my rent by so much … Continue reading

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FPOTW: The Library Card

I love movies.  Love.  I minored in film studies.  I think I asked for a DVD player for Christmas when I was 15.  I (now regrettably) have about 100 DVDs sitting in boxes in a closet. How my ways have … Continue reading

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Progress Report: Fiscal May ’13

Day 57 | $12,058.62 paid | $60,016.96 to freedom Some big new developments this past month.  In the teaching world, June means the end of the school year for most.  What has that meant for me?  Quite a few additional … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

I work at an independent school.  That means that my salary isn’t set at some schedule with publicly known increases according to experience, education, etc.  It also means that other financial stuff is a bit more negotiable.  I’m not talking … Continue reading

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I’m Rich!

I swear, excluding Christmas and my birthday, I never receive gifts.  For the second straight month, however, I’ve received a $50 gift card.  Boo. Yah. I guess you could call it a fringe benefit of teaching.  If you’re super lucky, … Continue reading

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