Is This A Good Deal?

After a week of teaching (especially during coaching seasons) Friday nights usually mean exhaustion and a decision: suck it up and head out for drinks or stay in and relax and get to sleep at a reasonable time.  I would say about 75% of the time I end up giving in to pizza, TV, sleep before 2am, a fatter wallet and a happier liver.

It’s exam prep time – or in my case, finishing up the final topics prior to exam prep.  Throw on top three late nights of slow-pitch softball this week, last Friday’s bender and the impending bachelor weekend and I’m thinking this Friday is a stay-in night for sure.  And now this is sitting in my email:

Untitled-1I need to be careful here.  What they want you to think is: $6 for a large pizza, great deal!  Sure, if you have a family of 4.  However, I have to look at it as: $12 for four-ish meals.  Three of which will be re-heated.  That’s an okay price, but I wonder if I can do some coupon shopping around and find a better or at least comparable deal.

This makes me think of what other “bulk” deals that are easy to fall prey to?

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