Progress Report: Mid-May ’13


On pace!  A few notes:

Memorial Day Fun!

My brother and I headed up north to meet our dad at his cabin for a round of golf.  This was a fairly cost-efficient trip in the sense that my brother’s place is exactly on the way, a little more than half the way.  For the cost of 200 miles in gas, it was a nice trip up north.  Add in a terrible, awful, throw-up worthy trip to McDonald’s for lunch, and in total I spent about $29 on the day.  Dad picked up the golf tab, cooked dinner, then WOAH here’s a $50 gift card for Speedway!  I ended up coming out on the positive end of things!  As for that round of golf…

I had never swung a golf club prior to jumping right in to a round of 9.  Talk about frustrating. For someone who still at age 26 considers themselves an athlete, I struggled to keep some levity.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t figure out how to swing the club to make the ball go forward.  The highlights (or should I say lowlights hurhur):

  • Teeing off straight and in the air exactly once.
  • Hitting the golf cart to my left off of the tie in the same exact stop, twice in a row.
  • Scoring a 5 (!!!) on a par 3.  Most of my rounds were well over 10.

Given this challenge and my frugal ways, I probably won’t be racing off to the driving range to try to get better, however it was much more fun than I thought, despite the frustration.

Prepping for Bachelor Weekend

I’m starting to come to the realization that I’m simply not going to come in at $125 for bachelor weekend.  $30 for a baseball ticket, a $20 on a couple cab rides gets me up to $50 before I spend a dime on food or drinks.  Time to really tighten the belt: I’m going to try to eliminate my social drinks budget big time leading up to bachelor weekend.  Going over my entire budget to start the summer would not be the most encouraging way to kick things off.

Everything else is pretty much on pace.  The trip up north put my gasoline budget over, but the $50 giftcard will keep it there for the remainder of the month and then some.  Groceries are pretty well stocked, so now it’s just about limiting all other food and drink purchases for the month!

Exceeding My Loan Payment Goal!

I’m bumping my loan payments up from $800 to $850. Fo-shizzle.

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