FPOTW: Cheap Beer

frugal-pbrI was thinking that coming up with a frugal picture of the week had turned into more of a challenge than I anticipated; perhaps I was just doing a poor job of recording my cheap frugal ways.  Anyway, after an expensive night out on Friday, I spent last night in, watching sports and throwing back a few brews while I did some house work and just enjoyed a beautiful spring night.  And that’s when I realized – hey! I’m drinking the cheapest beer I can put up with. How is that not a perfect example of my frugality?

When I started this thing, I made the switch from having a case of Labatt Blue Light sitting in my fridge (always gotta be stocked – never know when someone will stop by or when you decide “I just want one cold, delicious beer after a night of umping softball.”).

Labatt was the cheapest of the “Not quite pure water” beer, which was why it was my go to for my last couple years of college and my first post-college year.  Since this started, however, I’ve made the switch to the “best” of the 30-rack quality beer. That’s a savings of $0.13 a can, or about $3.90 a month.  Ha!

Enjoy the rest of Memorial Day weekend – honor our veterans, fire up the grill, and have a few of America’s favorite type of beverage: the cheap, watered-down can of beer.  Here’s to the Red, White, and Blue!

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