FREE Money!!!

Like, serious free money: $310 worth.

I am moving in three weeks.  I just called AT&T to move my cable and Internet to the new place on June 15 and despite my initial confusion, they are giving me a $300 VISA gift card for keeping my AT&T service through the move.  They’re also knocking off the HD charge for my first month.  And they’re giving me a free wireless receiver for a year.

Go AT&T.  You blow Comcast out of the water.  While I probably won’t receive the gift card by the time I head out to Denver in early July, that $300 will go a long way in allowing me to stay on budget through my three major summer expenses: June move, July wedding trip to Denver, August baseball trip to Boston.

Again, AT&T rocks.  I’m really going to enjoy my last week of free HBO – thanks again AT&T – and will have to keep it for an additional week to see the Game of Thrones season finale, but totally worth it.  While cable and Internet are ridiculously over priced, if you shop around and make calls (I knocked nearly $30 off my bill by calling in and complaining a few months ago), there are deals out there.

If you feel you’re paying too much for cable, then call them already!  Get them to knock it down or tell them you’ll walk!  The cable company wants to keep you more than they want an extra $20 a month, so make them prove it. What are you waiting for?

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