A Quick Note on Failure

Today, I failed my first spending goal of this endeavor:

I spent $29.94 on gasoline, going over my monthly budget of $60 by $4.84 with 10 days left in the fiscal month.  Oy.  Now, silver linings are abound. I am only slightly frustrated that one of the reasons I crossed that line was because I drove 30 miles before realizing I left my house keys at my Dad’s house and had to turn around to go get them.  That’s at least 2 gallons of gasoline wasted; over $7 thrown away.  A single tear runs down my cheek.

However, the reason I made the 90 mile trek from Ann Arbor to home-home was because my Dad offered to replace my front brake rotors. A little preventative care and an awesome Dad saved me possibly several hundred dollars… and all I had to do was cut the grass. So, while the $7 loss in gasoline was totally avoidable, I’ll chalk it up to the karma God’s keeping me in check.

I have failed my gasoline goal.  However, I am very encouraged.  My tank is completely full right now and given the forecast, I fully expect to not have to spend another dime on gasoline this fiscal month.  The $7 loss has encouraged me to continue and improve upon the amount of commuting I do by bike. I have put well over 100 miles on my bike in the past week and now that $7 loss is motivating me to really churn out the miles this week.  Monday through Friday I have about 61 miles of commuting to do.  That’s three gallons of gasoline in city driving.  I can make up that $7 quickly if I commit to it, which is really making me excited about this week.

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