FPOTW: Gasoline Shopping

These two gas stations are separated by exactly one mile.

frugal_gasolineSimply by knowing where the best deals are, I am saving myself a considerable amount of money.  And this isn’t even the best of it.  The gas station that is near work?  I have seen it up to 40 cents more expensive per gallon than my go-to Speedway Station. That Speedway station is not only on my way to the grocery store, it is one mile from my apartment and I get another 3 cents off per gallon by having a Speedy Rewards card, which of course, was free.

Simply being observant and paying attention to which gas stations raise their gas prices and when and how they compare to each other can be a boon in savings. However, even if you cannot keep up with that, GasBuddy.com comes in for you. Get up-to-the-minute snapshots of the gas prices around town and plan accordingly. Going out of the way for cheaper gas isn’t always a great option, but when they are only one mile apart? Well, that’s a different story.

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