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Is This A Good Deal?

After a week of teaching (especially during coaching seasons) Friday nights usually mean exhaustion and a decision: suck it up and head out for drinks or stay in and relax and get to sleep at a reasonable time.  I would … Continue reading

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Progress Report: Mid-May ’13

On pace!  A few notes: Memorial Day Fun! My brother and I headed up north to meet our dad at his cabin for a round of golf.  This was a fairly cost-efficient trip in the sense that my brother’s place … Continue reading

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Dipping Into the E-Fund: The New Apartment

I am just over two weeks away from a terrible, gut-punching $791 expense. Moving into my new apartment is bringing that price tag along with it, which includes: $490 for a half month of pro-rated rent (and I’ll already be … Continue reading

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FPOTW: Cheap Beer

I was thinking that coming up with a frugal picture of the week had turned into more of a challenge than I anticipated; perhaps I was just doing a poor job of recording my cheap frugal ways.  Anyway, after an … Continue reading

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FREE Money!!!

Like, serious free money: $310 worth. I am moving in three weeks.  I just called AT&T to move my cable and Internet to the new place on June 15 and despite my initial confusion, they are giving me a $300 … Continue reading

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Chipping Away

My student loan payments are on the 21st of each month.  My goal for the rest of the year is to pay $800 a month – this week I paid $850. Just chipping away.

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Fiscal May Goals – Tackling Bachelor Weekend

The first weekend of June, a group of guys will be descending upon Ann Arbor for our good friend’s bachelor party/weekend.  It’s going to be a blast, but also a challenge to my frugality.  Something like a bachelor party isn’t … Continue reading

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