FPOTW: Duct Tape Wallet

Seems like a fun idea, so every Friday I’ll try to post my Frugal Picture of the Week.

frugal-wallet-2This week’s Frugal Picture of the Week is a wallet I created out of duct tape.

My dog has a tendency to ruin things I need: shoes and wallets among his favorite targets.  About 3 weeks ago it was wallet #2 I came home to torn up to bits.  The last thing I want to do is spend $30 (or more!) on a wallet. The past few weeks I had just been carrying around my credit cards, atm card, and drivers license wrapped in whatever bills I had at the time. A good enough option in the short term, but something was bound to get lost going that route. So, this week, I created a wallet out of duct tape. It is surprisingly durable and, for a lack of a better word, good!  All I had to do was follow the YouTube video below!

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