Spending Goals

Another post from my teaching blog, prior to deciding to give this the full treatment…

Gasoline: $60 (-54.28)

Here’s the fun category.  I bought a pretty nice road bike last summer.  I regretfully did not bike to school once in the fall (3.5 miles one way).  I had the excuse of coaching soccer in the fall and needing to be able to run home quickly to let the dog out, get my soccer stuff and wanting to save the extra 30 minutes that biking would otherwise cost me.  Those excuses are gone.  My goal is to ride to work 3 times a week in Fiscal April. That should save me about $12 in gas directly. Indirectly, I won’t be driving anywhere during lunch nor will I be buying Jimmy John’s if I don’t have my car, so even more money to save.  Add in the trips downtown I can now take on my bike instead of driving and take out the two long trips I had to make in March and I think this goal is definitely doable.


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