Setting the Stage

A post from my teaching blog in which I begin to contemplate laying out a concrete plan to attack my student loans.

Since it’s contract season and I inked mine for 2013-14 yesterday, I’ve been doing a lot of financial thinking and planning recently.  I started reading a bit on student loan stories – the ever-present heavens of my personal Atlas.  I had heard of the Harvard debt dude before, but this week spent a big chunk of time reading his blog.  While Harvard’s dude’s efforts and accomplishments are commendable: “90k of loans in 10 months,” they’re not very realistic. First, Harvard dude (who’s actually also a Michigan dude which makes his blog even more appealing to me) paid off 25k+ right off the bat with retirement savings.  So, really we’re looking at 65k of loans in 10 months.  With a 100k+ salary.  As the P90X commercials say, “Results not typical.”


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2 Responses to Setting the Stage

  1. Joe Mihalic says:

    Haha, love the P90x reference. I’m going to add your blog to my roll; lots of really good stuff here. Good luck on your mission!

    • Haha, thanks for taking the light jab in stride! Before I read your blog I was paying down my debt somewhat aggressively but really with no focus or goal. So thanks for providing that inspiration!

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